1 in 3

Recently, I found a study conducted in which  concluded “one in three men would rape if they could get away with it and so long as it wasn’t referred to as rape” (Schow).  Octavia Butler freely instills sexuality into her characters within her texts. We have seen the portrayal of her dominant characters sexuality in Fledling with Shori’s relationship with her symbionts, and in Wild Seed with Doro’s and Anyanwu’s relationship. Butler switches who the dominant sexual being in her texts, from male or female. However, there is always a use of force in the sexual relationships between two characters.

While reading “Taking Sexual Autonomy Seriously,” Schow’s article rekindled in my brain of how the law can make getting away with rape an easy task. When Butler was asked about the Afganistan war she expressed ” the enemy is, I think, a lot of mainly young men who don’t know what to with themselves and who have very little hope. I think there’s probably nothing more dangerous than a person who imagines that he has nothing to lose.” Although, the previous quote is in reference to the Afganistan war, there’s a lot to be said in its reference to men and lack of responsibility for their dangerous actions. Butler’s characters sexuality lacks responsibility because most of her characters have nothing to lose. Their dangerous actions are driven by emotions and protection of self. Shori’s lustful characteristics  drove her to acquire her symbionts. Without them, Shori would be unable to live however, she does not acquire her symbionts in a consensual manner. She takes them because she needs them. Although, her symbionts will soon come around, Shori falls into the 1 in 3 due to her pre-nonconsensual symbiotic relationships. Her relationship may not be referred to as rape, but it is forceful. Similarly, Doro and Anyanwu’s relationship starts as nonconsensual. Repeatedly, Doro uses his dominance over her to get his way. Although, there are times where Doro uses his force to make Anyanwu have a nonconsensual relationship with another man, it still falls into the 1 in 3. His actions may not be referred to as rape but the force he uses is rape. Butler’s disguises her lack of consent as freedom of sexuality. However, her freedom of sexuality can be considered as 1 in 3 because her characters get away with forcing sexual acts.

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