Planetary Destruction

There is so much to say by the end of the Xenogenesis trilogy and I have to hand it to Octavia Butler once again. Thanks for giving me the curve ball just as you did in the Patternist Series. But I was not displeased at all with the end because it ended on a smooth term. Although it ended on such a term, which I am contented with, I still wondered about the complete destruction of the Earth. My questions of a perfect Oankali/ Ooloi was answered – Jodahs, the ultra Ooloi as mentioned in class yesterday was the perfect one. Rather than a half truth Jodahs told the complete truth when he said to Jesusa “you and your brother mean life to me… I mean life to your people” (638). Though I said I did not like the Oankalis or Oolois, I had a pinch of sadness when Aaor was going to die until It was saved by Jesusa’s and Tomás’ help. I think that my likeness toward It was simply because of the bond built between myself, the reader and the main character throughout the novel. Perhaps I do like the Oankalis and Oolois a little bit then.

Nevertheless, the one thing I really wish Butler had explained was the world war that eradicated humanity. According to Dr. McCoy, my hopes for that wish to be granted will be rewarded in a way I would not like in the Parable of the Sower. Well, we are talking about Octavia Butler after all, keeping us on our toes, wondering what she will do next. And while I like the saying, “hope and pray for the best; expect the worse” as I move forward into reading the Parable of the Sower, I can still present what I believe the eradication of humanity was like before the Oankalis supposedly arrived. In the clip below of DragonBall Z (DBZ), Frieza, the most powerful being in the universe is at war with the Saiyan race. I do consider Frieza as an Ooloi and just like them, the one noticeable thing is that the sexual organs that is evidence of the difference between males and females in our world according to societal norm is not visible on Frieza. Due to that, I cannot help but wonder about Frieza like when Tomás wondered about Jodahs when he asked Jodahs “how do you shit? How do you piss? You’re all closed up” (649). Here is the link: Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta.

The person Frieza mentioned at the end is the Prince of planet Vegeta who’s name is also Vegeta. Like the humans, he is controlled by Frieza, but as we mentioned in class, the Oankalis were captured by the humans (I haven’t completely wrap my mind around that). Frieza needs the Saiyans to do his biddings, and as a result of fear of being overtaken by them, he instead destroys them and keeps a few who plots against him like the resisters in the Xenogenesis trilogy. However, unlike the Oankali, Frieza does not care for the life of others.


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